Topographic Maps
1:1 000 HP1C Series is the largest scale basic map surveyed and mapped to scale. It comprises more than 3 290 sheets covering the whole territory of Hong Kong. It contains a wealth of information with spot heights and contours at 2-metre intervals. Information on map are updated continuously. This map is very useful for planning and cadastral purposes.
1:5 000 HP5C Series is a black & white map and HP5CL Series is a colour map. Each series comprises 169 sheets which are compiled from 1:1 000 basic map series and updated continuously from aerial photographs and field survey information. Contours are shown at 10-metre intervals. For the HP5CL Series, layer tinting is applied to depict the relief. This general purpose map series is widely used by architects, engineers, planners, developers, etc.
1:20 000 HM20C Series is a colour map. It comprises 16 sheets covering the whole territory of Hong Kong. Sheet 1 is designed as a title sheet with legend for the wall map, which is joined together by 15 other sheets. Contours are shown at 20-metre intervals. This general purpose map is often used by schools for studying map reading. The Scouts and hikers also find it useful in hiking and orienteering activities.
1:50 000 HM50CL/J Series is a single sheet map depicting the whole territory of Hong Kong. It is printed in colour with hill shading and layer tinting. Contours are at 50m interval.
1:100 000 HM100CL Series depicts the general view of Hong Kong. It is a single sheet colour map with hill-shading and layer-tinting. Contours are at 100-metre intervals with supplementary contours at 50 metres.
1:200 000 HM200CL Series is a single sheet colour map that depicts a very generalized view of Hong Kong. Contours are at 100-metre intervals with hill-shading and layer-tinting.
Digital Maps
The SMO provides Topographic Maps, Orthophotos, Aerial Photographs, Land Boundary Maps, Geo-reference Database, GeoCommunity Database and 3D Spatial Data in digital form. Many utility companies, engineering consultants, IT consultants and education institutes including government departments have established their own automated mapping, facilities management, customer support and geographic information systems using the digital maps provided by the SMO as common reference.
The i-Series Digital Maps, including iB1000, iB5000, iB10000 and iB20000 Digital Topographic Map, iC1000 Digital Land Boundary Map and iG1000 Geo-reference Database, provide more comprehensive datasets in new data formats and enable users to select the seamless version covering users’ defined area-of-interest so that they do not need to combine discrete tiles of digital maps into one single file for their work.
The 1963 Orthophoto, which is a high resolution orthophoto compiled from aerial photographs taken in early 1963 covering most Demarcation Districts (DD) in the New Territories, was launched in 2013. The 1963 Orthophoto can be used for various applications requiring identification of old ground features.
The 3D Spatial Data, which was launched in 2012, is a set of digital data of 3D models featuring geometry model, texture map and textual attribute to represent the geometrical shape, appearance and position of three types of ground objects i.e. Building, Infrastructure and Terrain. The 3D Spatial Data can be used in the applications such as analysis, visualization and presentation in carrying out technical study or public consultation for different land development and infrastructure construction projects.
Sample Data, Metadata, Data Dictionary