Digital Map Product
Hong Kong Map Service offers you a comprehensive range of digital map products such as Digital Topographic Map (iB1000, B1000, iB5000, B5000, iB10000, B10000, iB20000 and B20000), Digital Land Boundary Map (iC1000 and C1000), Geo-Reference Database (iG1000, BG1000, RG1000 and SG1000), GeoCommunity Database (iGeoCom), Digital Aerial Photo (DAP and DAP-L0), Digital Orthophoto (DOP1000-1963P, DOP1000-1963G, DOP5000 and DOPM50-L0), 3D Spatial Data (3D-BIT00) and the related Data Dictionaries. Hong Kong Map Service also offers sample data for teaching purpose.
Digital Map Product
  • For Digital Map Product Information, please click here.
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  • For ordering, you can either click "Digital Aerial Photo" or "Digital Map Product" at the main menu of Hong Kong Map Service. To learn more about our functions, please refer to the illustration at "Useful Information > Demo".
If you require further information on Digital Map Products, please refer to the related information leaflets below:
Sample Map for Teaching Purpose
  • Each local education organization is entitled to acquire sample map for teaching purpose. For details, please refer to Guidelines for Request of Sample Map for Teaching Purpose.
  • Only one account is assigned to each local education organization at Hong Kong Map Service for ordering the sample map for teaching purpose.
All fees and charges paid by a user or charged to a user for any product shall be non-refundable. All products shall be non-exchangeable.
Last revision date:
Apr 2021