Hong Kong Guide
Hong Kong Guide is a comprehensive guide to streets and places of Hong Kong. It consists of maps covering the whole territory of Hong Kong. Maps of larger scale are used to depict urban areas, new towns and other built-up areas while maps of smaller scale are used for the whole territory. Besides, it contains valuable information including indexes of streets, places and villages, estates and buildings, schools, public services, leisure and cultural facilities as well as information on public transportation. The streets and places & villages indexes also serve as gazetteers for all Chinese and English street names and geographical place names adopted on maps of Hong Kong. A special theme about Hong Kong is included in each edition as well.
e-HongKongGuide is an electronic map book based on the Hong Kong Guide, as a collection of maps in the format of GeoPDF® for free download at HKMS 2.0 and http://www.landsd.gov.hk/mapping/en/download/ehkg.htm. It provides map users a convenient means of accessing geographic and community facilities information via various computer and mobile devices. GeoPDF® are PDF files with geospatial extensions. It can be read by different applications on desktop and mobile device. Free tools allow users to read coordinates, track positions using a GPS device, display coordinates in various map projections, etc.
1:10 000 Street Maps
This is a street map series consisting of 59 regular sheets to cover the whole territory. It contains rich information of buildings, roads, and public facilities, with contours represented at 20m interval.
Countryside Maps
The Countryside Maps is in a set of five – “Hong Kong Island & Neighbouring Islands”, “Lantau Island & Neighbouring Islands”, “North West New Territories”, “North East & Central New Territories”, and “Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay”. Each map shows detailed information of leisure amenities and footpaths. Photographs on the map face show beautiful countryside scenery and picnic spots. This map series helps hikers and nature lovers to explore rural areas and country parks. It is printed on water-proof environmental friendly synthetic paper on both sides and folded.
Thematic Maps of Hong Kong Annual Reports
Thematic Maps are end paper maps of past Hong Kong Annual Reports on various topics such as climate, geology, population, reclamation and development, communications and trade, etc. They are available in Chinese and English versions.