Cadastral Survey Records
A1: Some of our LBP, SRP, Survey Report and Computation Folder need to be verified internally to ensure the quality of our products before supplying to the public. For other Cadastral Survey Records which have undergone sufficient checking, they can be ordered directly.
A2: Some of our Computation Folders need to be inspected and digitized internally to ensure the quality before supplying to the public.
A3: In general, customers should receive the reply on the checking record saleabililty within 2 working days subject to the total number of requests received in the same period.
A4: Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 will automatically notify you by e-mail on the verification result. Then you may order the product as usual by simply log in to Hong Kong Map Service 2.0; add the same LBP/SRP to the shopping cart and check out.
A5: It will take 3 days and 1 day for Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 to reflect the change of land record information and its related production information respectively.
A8: It represents that the product is not for sale or available for Authorized Land Surveyors (ALS) only.
A9: HKMS 2.0 provides land records of Lot, Government Land Allocation and Short Term Tenancy.
Last revision date
Apr 2019