A1: Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 is a website providing round-the-clock service for ordering and downloading digital map products, paper map products and cadastral survey records, to the public as well as government bureaux/departments.
A2: Please contact Map Publications Centre, Hong Kong. For enquiries related to digital map products, call (852) 2231-3187 or send an email to
A3: If you have logged into Hong Kong Map Service 2.0, you should select "Logout" at the top right-hand corner of any page of the website. This will ensure your session is properly logged off.
A4: Customers may use the “Back” button when they are staying in the HKMS 2.0 website. However when Customers are redirected to the EGIS payment gateway to perform e-payments, the “Back” button should not be used.
A5: Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 uses 256 bit SSL encryption to secure and protect all personal information contained in online transactions.
A6: Probably you do not have the Adobe Reader in your computer. You need to download and use the Adobe Reader to view and print this type of file.
A7: Prices for all digital map products, cadastral survey records and paper map products are listed in Hong Kong Dollars.
A8: You may input the information required in English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese.
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