Map Product Ordering
A1: Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 offers you a comprehensive range of map products such as
Digital map products
  • Digital Topographic Map (iB1000, iB5000, iB10000 and iB20000)
  • Digital Land Boundary Map (iC1000)
  • Geo-Reference Database (iG1000)
  • GeoCommunity Database (iGeoCom)
  • Digital Aerial Photo (DAP, DAP-UE and DAP-L0)
  • Digital Orthophoto (DOP1000-1963P, DOP1000-1963G, DOP5000 and DOPM50-L0)
  • 3D Spatial Data (3D-BIT00)
  • The related Data Dictionaries
Paper map products
  • Topographic Maps (1:1000, 1:5000, 1:20 000, 1:50 000, 1:100 000, 1:200 000, etc.)
  • Street/Place Guides (Street Map, Guidebook, etc.)
  • Countryside Maps
  • Flying Charts
  • Thematic Maps
  • Image Maps
  • Gazette Plans
  • Aerial Photos
  • Besides current editions, archived editions of some map series are also available.
Cadastral Survey Records
  • Lot Index Plan
  • Land Boundary Plan/Survey Record Plan
  • Computation folder
Please refer to here for the details of the complete set of our Products.
A2: Map products can be selected in Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 by the following means:
Keyword search – input a keyword of locations/addresses/lots to search for all products (grouped by categories) related to a selected location. Products can also be retrieved directly by inputting their product names or Map Sheet No. for searching.
Map Search – locate the area of interest on the web map, and search all the map products within the map view using the “Search this extent” button. Please refer to the HKMS 2.0 User Manual for more information about this selection method.
Product browsing by Categories – select the map product type you are interested in.
Upload Search List – this is an advanced selection method and it is more suitable for ordering a large number of digital map products with scattered location. You should prepare and upload a search list with pre-defined format. The search list template can be downloaded here. Please refer to the HKMS 2.0 User Manual for more information about this selection method.
A3: You may go to "Useful Info > Map Product Charge" to check the Calculation of Charges for each order of our Map Product.
A4: Data Dictionaries are now provided free-of-charge, and are available for download here.
A5: The map features in each of the Digital Map Product can be found in
Customers may also refer to the Data Dictionaries, which are available for free download here, for further details.
A6: You may select both the digital copy and paper copy of the record, add both of them to the same shopping cart, and check out for payment in one go. Customers may choose different delivery methods for the digital and paper copies; say online downloading the digital copy and collecting the paper copy at map sales counter.
A7: No. You may order the same digital map products even you ever purchased. If you are a registered user of the Hong Kong Map Service 2.0, you may check the selected map products against from your order records.
A8: You can check the “Revision Date” of the digital map product you selected on “Product Information” page or in shopping cart.
A9: Yes. There are postal charge (for Delivery DVDs by courier/postage services) and administrative fee (for special requirements in orders). Please refer to the Postal Charge in this link for reference.
A10: Most LandsD’s digital map products are released for free browsing and downloading at HKMS 2.0. You may download the required digital map products through the HKMS 2.0 directly, or may approach the Government responsible officer of the project for arrangement.
For obtaining digital map products that are not released for free downloading (i.e. chargeable item), you may make the request through the Government responsible officer of the project and return the completed form SMF-0095 and SMF-0096 to Upon the completion of the project, you should return the completed SMF-0097 to the aforementioned email confirming the cessation of use of LandsD’s digital map products.
Please visit LandsD's website – Public Forms to download the relevant forms.
Last revision date
July 2021