Online Payment
A1: Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 accepts credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay) and PPS by Internet for online payment. Please click here for the procedure of making online payment.
A2: Your Internet browser must support SSL for processing the e-payment. For details, please refer to the information at "Useful Info > System Requirements".
A3: Your PPS or credit card account information is gathered by the payment service provider only (i.e. EPS Company and credit card acquiring banks). Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 does not obtain any such information.
A4: If you do not receive any response from the system, you may log into Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 after 30 minutes and review your order status through "User Menu > My Orders". If your order status is shown as "Payment not Settled", please contact our Customer Service Representative for assistance at (852) 2231-3187 or email to
A5: After completing the e-ordering process, you should print or save the order confirmation page, which contains essential information such as Order No. and Payment Reference No. (6-digit) for online payment that will allow you to check the payment status with Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 when necessary.
A6: To make an online payment using PPS by Internet, you need to have a PPS Internet Account beforehand. Please click here to know more about opening a PPS Account and the configuration requirement of your computer.
A7: At present, VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay are accepted for credit card payment in Hong Kong Map Service 2.0. Some Credit Card issuers do not support online payment, i.e. they issue credit cards mainly for retail transactions where merchants can check the card physically. Thus if your Credit Card is not accepted by Hong Kong Map Service 2.0, please check with your credit card issuers to ascertain if they support online payment.
On the other hand, VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay offer additional security programs to give their cardholders extra protection when they make online payment. There is a possibility that your card issuer would decline your online payment request if you have not registered for these security programs. Please contact your card issuer for the registration. More details are available from the VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay websites.
A8: No. If you fail to complete the online payment, you have to place a new order.
A9: Given the wide spectrum of functionality of the Internet security software on the market, there is no definite answer to this question. So far, in the tests we have conducted for Kaspersky Internet Security software, we found that a window will show to prompt the user to switch to a protection mode during the payment process of some government e-services. If the protection mode is on, the system will display an error message [PAY-E-0000]. We recommend users to add government e-service webpages to Kaspersky before using the online payment function. Please refer to the following link:
If you encounter other problems, please contact the corresponding departments for further support.
A10: The GovHK payment system makes use of the certificates issued by the Hongkong Post and your browser cannot recognise these certificates. Please visit the following page to download and install the Hongkong Post Root CA Certificates:
If the problem persists after installing the Hongkong Post Root CA Certificates, please report the problem to the GovHK Help Desk at 183 5500 or email to
A11: Connection interruption, session time out or interception software (e.g. Anti-virus software) may cause the payment page inaccessible, and the respective payment and online service incomplete. You can go back to the online service by clicking a link in the error message box [PAY-E-0001] or restart the online service direct.
If Kaspersky Internet Security software was installed, we recommend users to add government online service webpages to Kaspersky before using the online payment function. Please refer to the following link:
If other interception software was installed, please restart the online service and consider using other available payment methods.
Last revision date
Jun 2019