Placing Orders
A1: No, but you may order digital map products at the Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 self-service terminals at the counters. If you have any problems in using website of Hong Kong Map Service 2.0, our staff at the Counter can provide assistance.
A2: You may
Click the View Cart icon at the upper right-hand corner of the webpage to check the list of your selected map products.
If you decide to place order, just select "Proceed to check out".
If your shopping cart contains any Digital Map Products, you should first log into Hong Kong Map Service 2.0
Then you will be directed to fill in the order form and finish the payment process.
A3: Yes. "Online Download" is limited to a total data size of not more than 2GB for each order. If the data size exceeds this limit, the digital map product will be copied onto DVD(s) and delivered by mail or you can collect the DVD(s) at Map Publications Centre, Hong Kong depending on your selection.
A4: An Order No. (a 12-digit alpha-numeric figure) will be given for each successful order. Also, an email of order confirmation (with Order No.) will be sent to the registered email address. Or you can go to "User Menu > My Orders" to check your order status. Please quote this Order No. for future correspondence and delivery enquiries with us.
A5: You can reorganize your selected map products into separate orders where the data size of each order is not more than 2GB.
A6: You should submit your application to the Survey and Mapping Office, Lands Department for permission.
A7: No extra charge will be imposed if you increase the number of computer terminals.
A8: Your order is processed only after its payment is settled. Therefore, your ordered products will not be ready at the time you settle the payment at our sales counter. You are encouraged to settle the payment online using the e-payment function of Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 and then collect your ordered products when you receive a notification email. If your Digital Map Products ordered does not exceed 2GB in total data size, please consider to select the "Online Download" delivery method instead of collecting the products at our sales counter in person.
A9: Yes. If you have logged in Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 during placing order, all the selected map products at Shopping Cart will be saved. The contents of the Shopping Cart can be saved for onward ordering.
A10: Yes. Your order status can be checked through "User Menu > My Orders". Order details can be checked by using the “View” button in each order.
A11: Yes. Licence records can be viewed through "User Menu > Licence History".
A12: No, once the order has been confirmed, it cannot be changed or cancelled.
A13: No, the confirmed order will no longer be valid if the product price has been changed before the payment.
Last revision date
Apr 2019