Hong Kong Guide 2018
Apart from detailed maps covering the whole territory, the latest edition of the 432-page “Hong Kong Guide” contains indexes of streets, places and villages, estates and buildings, schools, public services, and leisure and cultural facilities, as well as information on public transportation in both Chinese and English.
In the same vein as last year’s “Book of Affection, Map of Love”, this year’s “Hong Kong Guide” features the theme of “My Way” and traces the life journeys of two distinguished athletes, cyclist Wong Kam-po and sprinter So Wa-wai, with an array of maps as main element. Instead of written narratives, various unconventional maps, three-dimensional images and illustrations have been employed to vividly depict important stages of their life journeys.
The electronic map book, “e-HongKongGuide” 2018 edition and its theme pages are also available for free download (www.landsd.gov.hk/mapping/en/download/ehkg.htm). Members of the public can also access the LandsD’s first Storytelling Map Webpage and browse the theme stories of “Hong Kong Guide” 2018 edition – “My Way” in the same website.