Hong Kong Guide 2019
The new 432-page “Hong Kong Guide” provides detailed maps of Hong Kong with indexes for streets, places and villages, estates and buildings, schools, public services, and leisure and cultural facilities, as well as information on public transportation. The streets and places and villages indexes also serve as gazetteers for names of streets and geographical places in Hong Kong.
Under the theme “Guide of Hearts”, the “Hong Kong Guide” 2019 aims at promoting enhanced care for youths and social inclusion. It contains stories from the BiciLine Cycling Eco-Tourism Social Enterprise of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and the WEDO GLOBAL, two social enterprises devoted to organising local guided tours, who have also designed various tour routes through the territory’s streets and alleys.
The “e-HongKongGuide” 2019 edition, an electronic version of the “Hong Kong Guide”, is also available online for browsing and free download at the LandsD’s website (https://www.landsd.gov.hk/mapping/en/download/ehkg.htm).